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How to Sell Yourself and Your Ideas Like a Sales Professional!

When I was a teenager, I worked as a cleaner before I went into door-to-door sales and retail sales before I finally served my national service and got into the IT education industry as an IT Trainer. I like to talk to people, understand them, their challenges in life and at work, ask them questions about their aspirations – because of that, many people said to me, “You should be in Sales!” I always said, “I’d do any job except to become a sales man.” I thought selling was scary! I thought that to be successful in sales, I had...
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Framework for a Successful B2B Direct Marketing Campaign

Do you know that one of the reasons why most marketing and sales campaigns fail to achieve its objectives is the problem of marketer-audience disconnect? What the marketing message conveys, does not fit the target audience due to insufficient knowledge on the part of the marketer.  Unlike the sales professional, who is out on the ground, engaging and communicating with his prospects and clients on a regular basis, the marketer is usually left in his office with his research and perceptions of the market, which most of the time, fail to precisely respond to what the market actually needs. In the B2B space, typically the line...
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50 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Sales Employees!

Would you hire a Sales person just because the Sales Professional can write a good-looking resume? Just because they can write good resumes, doesn’t meanthey can sell. As an Employer, it’s your responsibility to determine whether or not they would be successful in their role as a Sales Professional in your company. As an employer, entrepreneur and corporate sales trainer, I have 2 tips…. These tips help to make sure you hire the absolute best person for the sales position. First, during interviews, don’t be overly friendly or overly firm—two extremes made by many business owners who don’t interview often. Instead, strike abalance between the...
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