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Science of SalesTM

Some people have the mistaken view that great sales people are born, not made. After doing sales for a while with little or no results, people quit and think they are not “cut-up” for this job. While it is true that there are personality traits that favor the job of a sales person, many other attributes of successful salespeople can be learnt, such as confidence, discipline, persuasiveness, adaptability, etc. Take persuasiveness for example. If the sales person understands the mindset of the client and learns how to remove objections effective, he too can become a persuasive person.

Yet others feel that sales is an art that is only learnt after years of experience, which tells you what is right and wrong via trial and error. Of course, sales can be learnt via the “hard way” but why not skip the tough part and go for the stuff that generates results. In our 9-Step Sales Process we tell you what works and what doesn’t and how you can get great results by following a proven methodology.

We call it Science of SalesTM because it is a system to generate predictable and repeatable results – like a science experiment. This methodology was developed by Moonshi Mohsenruddin, who has over 10 years of selling experience. He has done both retail and corporate sales, to individuals, small and large companies. In this Course you will learn:

  • Effective ways to find prospects
  • How to gain the interest of your prospects immediately
  • How to develop rapport and build trust with your prospects
  • How to develop your value proposition
  • How to ask high-value questions that lead to a sales close
  • How to make your prospects “naturally” want to buy
  • How to overcome sales objections effectively
  • How to write good sales proposals
  • How to go for the sales close
  • How to apply the sales techniques you have learnt through games and role playing
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