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Science of SalesTM
Financial Planners

Echelon Minds has signed an MOU with the Financial Planning Association of Singapore to provide the Science of SalesTM Course especially tailored for Financial Planners. This Course is timely because there is a need for financial planners to stand out from the crowd.

The financial planning industry in Singapore is extremely competitive. In the UK there is one financial planner for every 3,000 people in the population and in the US, there is one for every 1,000 whereas Singapore has one financial planner for every 260 people.

With so many financial advisers in Singapore, competition over the solicitation of clients is highly intense. Many people are approached by financial planners who use the same prospecting methods. It’s no wonder the closure rate for sales are low.

Imagine if you could stand out from the crowd just by applying a tested and proven sales strategy that could help you to achieve a breakthrough in your performance! The question is then – HOW?

The good news is that everyone, including YOU can do well in sales with the right strategy! You probably already possess the necessary skills sets, now what you are lacking is a proven strategy that will help you in closing deals!

Our Science of SalesTM workshop has accumulated high success rates and raving reviews, and is specially tailored just for financial planners like yourself!

In this Course you will learn:

  • How to apply our 9-step Sales Process to augment your sales performance
  • How to add value to your financial planning clients
  • How to recommend financial solutions in a way that will overcome client’ investment biases and go for the close!
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